About Us

E.R.C.S – Effective Refrigeration Compressor Solutions, with over 40 years of industry experience and knowledge,
are one of the leading industry players in the refrigeration and compressor remanufacturing industry.

We repair and remanufacture all leading Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor brands.

All remanufactured compressors are tested under load to ensure that all components conform to the strictest factory specifications.

What is a remanufactured compressor ? 

A compressor that has been stripped down completely into all various components and engineering is carried out where necessary and reassembled back to original manufacturer standard, using only highest quality parts.

Remanufacturing process explained

All compressors follow the same stringent process to ensure that every aspect of the remanufacturing process is taken into account when restoring compressors to manufacturer specifications.

  • Each compressor is carefully accessed and stripped down into all the various components 
  • All parts are disassembled, cleaned with special chemicals and inspected for any damage or imperfections 
  • Crankshaft dimensions are checked as well as piston, sleeves and bearing tunnel using a micrometers to ensure accuracy
  • All damaged or worn parts are replaced and where needed sent for engineering
  • Rewind is done on all compressors
  • After assembly Compressor is tested for efficiency, repainted and new name plate fitted

All Services Exchange Compressors carry a 1 year warranty